No sermon this week because I didn’t preach this week. That’s right, for the first time in months, I took a day off. It was much needed.

We left Monday afternoon and arrived in Las Vegas around 6pm local time. Adjusting to a three hour time difference is not exactly fun, but it’s manageable. The first morning I actually woke up at my normal time, 7:30… which was actually 4:30 in Vegas. Not too fun.

We spent a lot of time at the pool, which was great. It was nice to begin the day by relaxing in the cool water.

We also spent some time visiting the different hotels. It’s amazing how extravagant some of these places are. I’m sure that if we stopped to think about it, it would be a little depressing… so we’ll just move on.

Of course, we were able to catch a couple of shows while we were there. We saw the Vegas version of The Price Is Right. It was fun, but not quite like the actual show. We also saw Absinthe, which Katie has aptly described as the schizophrenic stepbrother to Cirque De Solei. The feel of the stage is like a circus that just popped up. The acts are incredible, phenomenal and unbelievable. Unfortunately, they felt the need to have a “comedic” duo that didn’t understand the difference between humor and crossing the line into completely unnecessary, crass, sexually explicit “jokes”. It could have been great. Instead, it was embarrassing.

We ended up turning down free tickets to Led Zeppagain, a Led Zepplin tribute band, in order to get tickets to a Motown group called Human Nature. Unfortunately, we later found out that Human Nature was out of town on vacation.

A lot more happened in Vegas, but… well… you know. Some day I’ll tell you about the flight home… but not today.