Last Friday, I posted some thoughts about why we don’t really like change all that much.  Certainly my suggestions were not all-encompassing, but they gave a few reasons why we react so unwillingly, and violently to changes.  Today, I want to look at some ways that we can handle change better, and we do so by realizing four things:

1. You Can’t Control Everything.  Let’s face it, some of us don’t like change because some changes are out of our hands.  For example, the Facebook changes that get made every six months or so.  We do not have any say in the changes.  We don’t have the option to select what changes we want, and we don’t have the option to change things back the way they were.  And we hate it.  But the simple fact is: we can’t control everything.  We are limited.

2. Change is Inevitable.  I don’t know of anybody who doesn’t have some kind of change in their lives.  Think about it: we do not look the same, act the same, smell the same or dress the same as we did when we were born… okay, maybe the nudists still dress the same, but let’s stop focusing on the exceptions.  Change happens in our lives.  Take a look outside.  The leaves are not all green any more.  Pretty soon, they will fall off the trees altogether.  Change is going to happen.  It is inevitable.  Get used to it.

3. Comfort is Dangerous.  One of the things that I have heard more than I would like is: all we can do now is make him/her comfortable.  I hate that phrase.  Why?  Because that means somebody I know is on the verge of death.  Comfort is a dangerous thing in our lives.  Sure, we like to be comfortable when we go to sleep, or when we are sitting down to watch television.  But, what is the common thread?  We are doing nothing.  Comfort placates us into doing absolutely nothing, and doing absolutely nothing is dangerous.

4. Growth Comes From Change.  This is true physically and institutionally.  As children, we go through growing pains when our muscles are stretching out and we get taller.  Institutionally, we have a similar pains prior to growth.  I know that change is scary, but it is necessary in order to reach beyond who we are towards who we are supposed to be.  Nobody ever met their ideal self by staying the same.  We change; we grow; we become better than we are.  Growth comes from change.