We took our oldest niece out for her annual birthday movie and dinner.  Her birthday is in July, but even back then, she said that she wanted to see Hugo, which didn’t come out until just a couple of weeks ago.

Plot Summary

Hugo is about a boy who lives at the train station.  He takes care of the clocks and makes sure they keep running.  Meanwhile, he is working on fixing a small man-like machine.  The movie is about his interactions with the family of a man who has a shop in the train station.


Hugo was a cute movie.  I found myself wondering how it was all going to come together, and, wouldn’t you know it, it did.  The visuals are incredible.  I’m still not certain as to why this movie is out in 3D, like so many other movies these days.  I like 3D because it adds depth to the screen, but those stupid glasses give me a headache!  Anyhoo!  The actors all did a fine job, and the story was very well done.


This is a fun movie.  I would definitely recommend seeing it, though I might suggest waiting until it comes out on DVD.  Unless you like 3D and the glasses don’t bother you, then go ahead and see it in the theaters.  It’s worth the time.

Best Part

I think I had two best parts.  One related to the movie itself, and one not so much.  First, I think the way the story is told, and how everything that seems disconnected comes together is great.  Watching the plot unfold was a lot of fun.  Second, when I finally realized what movie other I had seen with the young lady that plays a “key” role in the movie.  Hint: she plays Hit Girl in that movie.  Don’t you hate it when you can’t place a face?