The Learning from Exodus series is going to be a series of posts with some leadership reflections from my recent reading of Exodus.  You can click on the “Leadership” tab at the top of the blog page to see the previous two postings.

In the previous postings of this series, I’ve been looking at God’s call to Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3.  Moses continues making excuses as to why he doesn’t think he is the right person for the job until we get to his final plea, which is found in Exodus 4:13.

13 But Moses again pleaded, “Lord, please! Send anyone else.” (Ex 4:13, NLT)

This is the culmination of Moses’ objections for why he shouldn’t be the one to appear before Pharaoh and call for the release of the Israelite slaves.  Every excuse that he could come up with was met by an answer from the Lord.  He was not going to take “No” for an answer.  Nor should he.  After all, we are talking about God here, the Creator of all things.  When God calls us to something, He expects us to do it.

And yet, often times, we find ourselves facing difficult situations, and we echo Moses in saying, “Lord, please!  Send anyone else.”  The truth is, however, we are the ones perfectly positioned to deal with whatever issue God presents to us.  God would not call us to a task for which He has not prepared us.  God prepares those whom He calls.  At times, yes, we feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities; however, that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t prepared us for them.  And, perhaps, in those times when we feel least prepared, we rely the most on God.  Isn’t that what we should be doing in the first place?

As a leader, you are expected to have the right answer, or know what to do next.  But do you?  It is in these times that we can feel overwhelmed.  It is in these times that we are most tempted to give up and move on to something else.  But we need to remember something very important in these times.  God is with us.  Moses was looking for a way out because he forgot that God was the one who was going to be with him through it all.  Don’t do that.  Don’t neglect and don’t forget about the source of your strength as a leader.  It is found in the One who has called and equipped you.