It’s OPENING DAY!!!!!  Well, okay, officially, the season started whenever the A’s & Mariners faced off in Japan, and some of the rest of the teams don’t start until tomorrow, while others have to wait until Friday.  Okay, it’s the most convoluted opening to the baseball season in living memory, I’ll give you that, but… it’s the Cardinals first game; oops, I’m sorry, the defending World Series champions’ first game of the season, and that’s enough for me to officially call it Opening Day!

Winter is truly behind us once the baseball season starts.  I could snow now, and it’d be a freak spring snow because baseball is starting!  I fully intend on wearing Cardinal paraphernalia today.  There will be steaks on the grill, and my favorite brew from Cooperstown in a frosty glass.  I don’t care what Ice Cube said, or what day he was talking about, but TODAY is a good day.

So, here’s my annual predictions sure to go wrong:

AL East: Yankees

AL Central: Tigers

AL West: Rangers

AL Wildcards: Rays, Angels

NL East: Phillies

NL Central: Reds

NL West: Dodgers

NL Wildcards: Cardinals, Diamondbacks

World Series: Cardinals v. Tigers, Cardinals in 6

Why are these sure to go wrong?  Because I always pick the Cardinals to win it all.  Though I do have a 33% success rate in the last 6 years!