I’ve fallen a little behind on my movie reviews this summer.  It coincides with  not blogging for quite a while.  So, it’s time to catch up with two of the biggest movies to be released this summer.  First up, The Dark Knight Rises

Plot Summary

The Dark Knight Rises picks up where the blockbuster The Dark Knight left off.  Well, not exactly where it left off.  It’s a few years down the road – Batman hasn’t been seen, Bruce Wayne has become a bit of a recluse… and nobody has made the connection yet.  Gotham City has cracked down in a major way on crime with Commissioner Gordon at the helm.  But a mercenary by the name of Bane has popped up, causing a bit of a ruckus, leading to Batman making an appearance, and setting into motion an incredible conclusion to the Chris Nolan Batman Trilogy.


I’ll admit right up front that I’m very biased.  I love the Batman movies… well, except for the ones made in the ’90’s… those were terrible, but with the reboot of Batman with Batman Begins, I have thoroughly enjoyed the recent Batman movies.  They are very well done, and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.  In that sense, The Dark Knight Rises does not disappoint.  There is enough going on to keep you engaged and guessing, but most importantly, keep you in the movie.  Now, I will say that it is not as good as it’s predecessor, The Dark Knight, but there are not a lot of movies out there that are.


If you haven’t seen it already… what’s wrong with you?!?!?  Quite possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, it does not disappoint,  and it is well worth the 2.5 hours.  We did not see it in IMAX, but I’ve heard that the action sequences were specifically shot in IMAX, so that alone would make it worth the upcharge.

Best Part

The performances of two people new to the franchise add a lot to this movie.  Both Anne Hathaway as Selina Kile/Catwoman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as the idealistic cop John Blake are fantastic in their roles.  Hathaway in particular has taken the Catwoman role, which has tended to be very campy in other attempts (thanks, but no thanks, Michelle & Halle), to a new level.