There’s a show called Pawn Stars on television.  I don’t really watch it all that much, but I’ve seen parts of an episode or two.  It’s apparently this famous pawn shop – in Vegas, I think – and the show is about people bringing things in, getting them appraised and selling it to the shop.  Pretty basic premise.  I’m not particularly sure how they make it interested, but I do know that some people have brought in some rare items from time to time.

When it comes to appraising things, there are two things that are important: 1) what it’s worth, and 2) what someone is willing to pay for it.  Sometimes, those are the same; other times, they are vastly different.  In Acts 20, Paul does a little life-appraisal, and comes to an interesting conclusion.

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the good news about the wonderful grace of God (Acts 20:24).

Have you ever thought about your life like that?  Have you ever been so committed to a mission that if you fail to complete it, your life evaluation will be seriously impacted?  Paul was passionate about his work.  He knew that his task in life was to share the good news of the grace of God with as many people as he possibly could.  Are you that passionate about your task?

As followers of Christ, we are all given the work of sharing the gospel with as many people as we possibly can.  Do we?  Do we take the opportunities that come to give them Jesus?  As you do an appraisal on your life, what is it worth?  Let me tell you: it’s worth quite a bit already.  It was worth enough to God that Jesus came to live, die and be raised again.  Jesus paid the ultimate price because you are worth it.  Now, share that joy – the joy of God’s amazing grace – with the world around you.  Because they are worth it as well.