As I read through Scripture, it amazes me the people that God uses to get things done.  Today’s reading in Judges starts us in the story of Samson.  Most people know about Samson.  He was the guy whose incredible strength was tied to his hair.  We haven’t gotten to the part about Delilah yet – that’s tomorrow – but we get a couple of stories that help us understand a bit about who Samson was.

He was a temperamental guy, wasn’t he?  A pretty girl catches his eye – he whines to his father to set up a marriage.  He gives some guys a riddle – and gives his new wife the answer (which she passed on) after she nags him for a few days.  He gets mad about it – and kills 30 people to pay his riddle-debt.  His wife ends up getting married to somebody else because her father thought that he wanted nothing to do with her – so he captures 300 foxes, ties them together in pairs, ties a torch to them and sets them loose so the fields catch on fire.  It’s an odd collection of stories for one who is supposed to be a champion for God.  Frankly, I’m not sure if Samson and I would be friends.  He seems self-absorbed, arrogant and cocky – the stereotypical jock.  But God still used him to help free the Israelites from their oppressors.

It’s amazing who God uses to do things for the sake of the kingdom, isn’t it?  Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves.  We know our faults and failures.  We know where we have fallen short.  We know where we have messed up, and yet, God still works through us for the advancement of His kingdom.  No matter what you’ve done in life, don’t think that it disqualifies you from working for the kingdom of God.  God can use even you to get the most amazing things done.