One of the things that followers of Christ – for whatever reason – find the hardest to do is talk about their faith.  I’m not sure what it is, but when it comes to talking about faith publicly, so many people get antsy.  They think they don’t have the knowledge to talk about faith (“I don’t know enough about the Bible“).  They think that they don’t have the authority to talk about it (“Who am I that they should listen to what I have to say?”).  They think their past disqualifies them (“If you only know what I’ve done in my life”).

Truth is, none of this disqualifies a person from sharing about his/her faith.  What we need more than anything is the courage to just talk about it.  I’m not saying that we need to hyper-spiritualize every conversation and turn it into an opportunity to “save” people, but we do need to be mindful of those opportunities to dig deeper into the discussion.

Because here’s the thing, if our faith is important to us, it should be important enough for us to share with others.  The psalmist puts it like this:

Has the Lord redeemed you?  Then speak out!  Tell others that the Lord has redeemed you from your enemies (Psalm 107:2).

So, don’t be afraid to talk about your faith.  This is something amazing that the Lord has done in your life.  You don’t have to have a perfect life; you don’t have to have all the knowledge in the world.  Simply talk about what God has done for you.