I love the imagery of the curtain being torn.  The idea that what once was separated is now unified.  It’s a great thought.  It draws me back to so much of the talk around the UMC lately; talk of schism, talk of “amicable separation.”  It makes me wonder what kind of witness we would give to the world if this were to happen.  We talk of unity and the importance of loving one another, and yet, when we look at this interactions, we see the opposite.  We see a world in which the curtain is still up, the divide is still there.

How can we proclaim the gospel and spew hate towards opposing viewpoints at the same time?  I’m not sure we can.  What does it say about us when our discussions look like something that is taking place on Capitol Hill and not on the hill of Calvary?  Nothing good, I’m sure.  But the curtain is torn in two, and it’s the Roman – the one who had no stake in what was going on, the one who was following orders, going through the routine, who recognizes something… “This man truly was the Son of God.”

Where are our Roman soldiers?  The ones who stand on the outside and see the obvious, see that which we are too blind to see?  My prayer today is for a few soldiers that stand on the outside and state the obvious.