The story of Elijah in the wilderness is such a good one.  It reminds us that even though we do worship an awesome, powerful God, God is not so big that we get forgotten.  Here’s the story…

Elijah has a big show down on Mount Carmel with the priests of Baal.  It’s actually a humorous story at points.  The priests of Baal are attempting to get this false god to set the sacrifice on fire, and in order to do it, they are doing all kinds of crazy things: jumping around, chanting, cutting themselves.  Meanwhile, Elijah is hanging out in the background talking some serious trash.  It’s good stuff.

As you can imagine, nothing happens for the priests of Baal.  So, Elijah sets things up for the Lord, makes it extra difficult, and simply prays.  The sacrifice is burned up in no time.  Elijah then takes initiative, and has all the priests of Baal executed.  This did not sit well with Queen Jezebel.  She vows to kill Elijah, so he takes off into the wilderness.

At this point, Elijah is dealing with some serious depression.  He thinks that he is the only one left that will stand up for the Lord, and when he goes out to the wilderness, he just wants to give up.  The troubles he is facing are too big for him to handle, so he thinks.

While in the wilderness, he falls asleep and is woken by an angel.  He is provided with food, and is told that he has quite the journey ahead of him.  For forty days and nights, Elijah travels.  Forty.  In the wilderness.  Sound familiar?  Elijah finally arrives at his destination… Sinai.  He finds a cave and sleeps for the night.

The next day, the Lord speaks to Elijah and says, “What are you doing here?”  Elijah goes into how he is the only one left and he feels alone in his task.  It is at this point that the Lord tells him to go out onto the mountain.  A mighty windstorm comes by, and then an earthquake and a fire, but the Lord wasn’t in any of these three – these incredible displays of power.  It was afterwards that Elijah hears a gentle whisper, and he knows that the Lord is present.

Even though God was capable of incredible, mighty displays of power.  It is in the whisper that He is heard.  Even today, God can be heard in the whisper.  Are you listening?