There are times in life when you goof up.  There are times when you goof up and you know it.  Then there are times when you goof up, you know it, and it gets caught on film.  This is one of those times…

On Friday night, we had Katie’s sister and her family over for dinner before my brother-in-law and I left for our softball game… in which we totally dominated… the other team had no chance at all… because we won by forfeit… for our first win of the season.  Anyhoo!

We get back from the “game” and for some reason it became cat videos on YouTube time.  One video in particular made us laugh… actually is was part of a compilation video, but it’s pretty funny.  Here’s the video.  Go ahead, it’s only a few seconds, I’ll wait….

Pretty funny stuff, right?  It was a good time.

So, on Saturday morning, our nephew has a soccer game at Franklin Memorial Christian Church.  We pack up our chairs, head to Starbucks for a hot drink on a cool morning, and go to the game.  He was pretty excited when he saw us walking up to the field.  He kept trying to turn around so we could see the back of his jersey.  It was the first game of his that we were able to make.  So, we sit down as the game starts.

Our niece was a little chilly – because, again, it was colder out than it has been in a few months – so she was sitting on Katie’s lap for a while.  Katie wanted to take some pictures, so Kamryn came and sat on my lap.  Harrison wasn’t in the game at the time, so we’re having a little bit of fun, and start imitating the video… you know, the one above, you can watch it again if you want… I’ll wait.

Okay, so we start imitating the video, and it looks like this:progression1



Totally adorable, right?  We have fun.

So, we do this a couple of times, and then something terrible happens…

QUICK SIDEBAR: I have a replacement wedding ring.  I bought it about 3 years ago at WalMart because my original wedding ring was shrinking over time.  Apparently, like my clothes, my wedding right got smaller in the years since Katie and I were married.  It wasn’t that big of a deal because I never took it off… until it started cutting into my finger.  Then, it was a problem.  After finally getting it off,  I couldn’t get it back on – and didn’t want to because I was afraid it would cut my finger off – perfectly rational fear, I know.  So, I bought a cheap replacement wedding ring until I lost some weight and could get my original one back on.  Okay, back to the story.

If you look carefully at the first picture above, you’ll see that I have my wedding ring on.  In the second picture, the one where our hands are pointed out, you’ll notice that something is missing.  Something silver that was on my left ring finger in the previous picture.   My replacement wedding ring flew off my finger… and here’s when I realized that it happened.


So, that’s the story, fully illustrated, about how I lost my replacement wedding ring… and now need to get a replacement replacement wedding ring.