This is the poem I read at the Smith Valley UMC poetry reading on Tuesday, August 7th.  It was inspired by recent events at my house.

Forbidden Love

As I sit and stare from across the room
I can’t help but admire your sleek form
Your shiny black outfit looks so pristine
With your blue and white belt

I know this unbearable urge I have
Is not good for me
But the desire builds within

Your intoxicating scent floats through the air
Like a feather on the wind  
It teases my senses, driving me wild
Though I try, I can’t seem to contain myself
I know this attraction is not good for me

I cross the room as the afternoon sunlight
Pours through the south-facing window
The smell grows stronger, it’s unmistakable
Bacon-soaked paper towels and hamburger wrappers

I reach out my front paws
Persuading you to lie down on the carpet
Your lid crashes open, revealing your stockpile of wonders
I bask in the moment, knowing it can’t last

But I work my way through your treasures
The joy is overwhelming as we wrestle together on the floor
Popsicle sleeves try to hide their sweetness, to no avail
The luscious nectar fills my tongue with ecstasy

My love for you is not without cost, it’s true
Soon the big man will be home and
When he sees what we’ve done
I’ll take the fall for you and our forbidden love

This poem is dedicated to our dog Pork Chop and his love affair with the trash can.